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We're here to help you double-check things, whether it's a tweet, a pic, or even what ChatGPT tells you.
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How Debunkd Can Help

Twitter & Reddit Buzz

Verify trending news and avoid falling for fake stories.

Image for Twitter & Reddit Buzz

Instagram Pics

Distinguish between real photos and AI-generated images.

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Chatting with ChatGPT

Ensure the information you receive is accurate and trustworthy.

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AI Fact Checker in action

AI Fact Checker

Experience real-time fact-checking with our advanced AI. Debunkd's Fact Checker instantly verifies statements, providing you with credible sources and information.

AI Image Detector in action

AI Image Detector

Distinguish between human-generated and AI-generated images. Our AI Image Detector analyzes images to determine their authenticity, helping you spot manipulated content.

How It Works

Fact Checker

Enter the Information You Want to Fact Check

Tweet, News Article, ChatGPT Response or Anything

Our AI Analyzes

Our AI fact checker will analyze the information and cross-check it with other reputable internet sources.


After Analysis, you get a result, a summary of the process, and the source of the fact check. You can then decide whether to trust the information or not.

Image Detector

Upload or Link an Image

Whether it's a photo from a website, a shared image in a chat, or a picture you've saved, simply upload it or provide a link.

AI Image Analysis

Our advanced AI Image Detector examines the image's properties, patterns, and metadata to determine its authenticity.

Detection Result

You'll receive a percentage breakdown of whether the image is AI-generated or human-made.

What Users Are Saying

"this could help a lot of people to verify if news are real or not, which would be very useful." - the backup dev
"A must-have extension for anyone who spends a lot of time on twitter and gets most news from there" - Mk Mukthar

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